Stevie Doherty - Guitar / vocals

Stevie Doherty

'Stevie hails from Scotland and, as he puts it, "feels like I played every gig from the Borders to John O' Groats!"

One of his early highlights was playing at The Loch Lomond Rock Festival in 1979 with 'Underhand Jones'.
'Someone said at the time that the stage belonged to Pink Floyd, I'd like to think that's true..:)'

A call from a good friend at Radio Clyde led to an incredible chance to audition for AC/DC after the death of Bon Scott. He didn't get the job "but hey, I got to sing with AC/DC!" which in anyones books is pretty cool!

He went on to play with bands such as, 'Hijax' 'Fast Lix' and then 'China White' who went on to become 'Strangeways', who were signed to a Canadian record label and this gave him a chance to work with top producers like Kevin Elson (Journey) amongst others.

A couple of years later Stevie went on to co-form 'Zero Zero' who came very close to landing a major deal with Atlantic records.

In '93 he was invited to be the front man of the re-formed 'Sensational Alex Harvey Band' with whom he toured and recorded the ' Live in Glasgow '93' album.

In '95 Stevie moved to Suffolk, where he has played in some very successful bands including, 'Dreamthief' 'The Racketeers' and now, of course 'ASoF'!

He runs his own independant record label 'Wolfcreek Records' for his solo projects and has released a couple of albums - "Right Time Right Place" and "Desolate Horizon"
He is currently putting the finishing touches to the new one which should be released mid 2017.'

Stevies' live set-up includes:
Fender Strats / Laney amplification / effects by Electro Harmonix,Vox,Boss,Line 6...etc....